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Little Red Riding-Hood

Read Aloud book available on the iBookstore on 15th November, 2014

Sing-Along and colouring app is Available NOW on the Appstore

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All our children's apps have music and reading at their core.
These are essential partners for a developing mind.
Music has long been used as an aid for education but we now know it actually has it's own role in developing the human brain with some surprising advantages.
Each app has professionally composed or arranged music, with songs and reading working perfectly in harmony.
Pun intended.
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Free Web Apps

We've included free web apps for you to enjoy on this site.
Lets call it a big fat thank you for your custom.
They range from card making apps including characters from our children's books and apps to fractal generators.
And they're there for you to use anytime without any subscription or charge.
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