Meditation Man 3D Sound

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Meditation Man 3D Sound is a customizable meditation, relaxation and sleep aid. But unlike all the other apps out there providing the user with sounds and maybe a pretty picture, we add the option of hearing sounds with 3D effects. Not only can you listen to the effects but the app is animated too. Giving the user an almost completely immersive experience.

We use a combination style in our app creating over 1 million possibilities. Using this style also makes it quite easy to navigate. Using simple gestures you can change the background animations, the foreground image, the positional object that moves in 3D space with the sound effect, the sound effects themselves and the sound you like.

If you can imagine that a 3 barreled combination lock gives a possible 10 x 10 x 10 or 1,000 combinations then imagine what 25 background animations, 21 foregrounds, 10 positional objects, 5 3D sound effects and 52 preset sounds gives. It’s 1,365,000 possible combinations and that’s before any updates.

Not only do you get all those possibilities but you can customize the app even more by adding and using your own recordings. Maybe you have a mantra you wish to use, or you wish to record the memorable sounds of a place where you feel at peace or maybe it’s the sound of your baby’s breath that helps you feel good. Whatever it is you can simply record into the app, give the recording a filename and there you go. It’s automatically added to the list for use anytime you like.




Now we know that 1,365,000 (and counting) choices may seem like a lot but it really is so simple to find what you are looking for. In our lists you will see an icon thatrepresents the choices available and when you tap it the alert that appears gives you an even larger view of your choice before you go back to using the app.



The 52 sounds that we have preloaded are also categorized. You canchoose from ‘Nature Sounds’, ‘Musical’, ‘Man Made’ and ‘Noise and Binaural Beats’. Of course your own recordings will be here too.





However, we realize that you have a busy life and searching for your favorite combination is not something you

wish to do every time you use the app, so we have added the option to save 3 favorites which you can access quickly and easily.

It doesn’t end there. You also have the option to use a timer. If you are wishing to use Meditation Man 3D Sound as a sleep aid then this will be invaluable. You will of course wish for the app tostop playing when you have fallen asleep but you will also want your battery to remain as charged as possible. This is the perfect answer to this need and it can be done with as little as 3 taps.









We’ve also added an AirPlay option for those who have Apple TV. If your Apple TV is available, an icon will appear in the top left-hand corner. Simply tap this, choose Apple TV and you will hear the sounds through your television.


  • 3D Sound effects
  • Animated object representing the sounds in 3D space
  • 52 preloaded quality sounds; Nature Sounds, Musical Sounds, Man Made Sounds, Noise and Binaural Beats
  • Option to record personal sounds
  • Over 1 million possible combinations
  • Animated and customizable graphics
  • Possibility to save favorites
  • Sleep timer

… and all this before any updates.

If you can imagine it then it’s probably in Meditation Man 3D Sound.