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Grimm Tales - Little Red Riding-Hood - Music Scores coming with the release of this Sing Along and Colouring App on Fri 8th August 2014

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Creature Holidays - Christmas Sing Along Music Score

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Christmas is a little bit away but it's always good to prepare early. And it's especially good to prepare early if you have a Christmas concert or some fun party singing to do. So as it's a season for giving, here is a reduced score of the music featured in the new app 'Creature Holidays'.

As usual you just have to right click and save to your computer for printing. Please do not post these on the internet. They are yours, free to perform and share in school or among other parents but please leave the downloads to this page.

Again, I would love to hear if you have used this music or have thought of some other way of using it. So why not leave a comment at the bottom of this page and let us all know about it.

Harmonies anyone?

This is a reduced score for piano and voice. However, there is a descant part in the piano accompaniment that could easily be sung. It's just a thought. If you are performing this with a classroom you could divide the children into a group of two and try some harmonies.

I can't play piano but I can read chords.

Well, the chords are there too. So get strumming. (Did I just presume a guitarist couldn't read music?) :D I know quite a few musician jokes about guitarists but I'll leave those alone for now.

If you want to know more about this app then click here to find screenshots and videos or you can go straight to the app store of your choice via the links at the top of this page.

The Scores

Just click on either of these two images. They will open in a larger screen and you can right click and save each one to your computer for printing. Happy singing.


Halloween Ball Music Score

The Creatures of Harmony Valley: Halloween Ball IconAvailable on Google PlayAvailable on AmazonAvailable on the AppStore

Below you will find the score for the interactive book 'The Creatures of Harmony Valley: Halloween Ball' available for iOS and Android.

Feel free to download it and play it for your children or students. I haven't added any dynamics so feel free to make your own arrangement but please do not share this on the internet. Instead please send people to this site to download it for themselves. Thank you so much in advance for that.

This arrangement is for 2 or 4 hands. The upper piano part contains the melody and the coda is for the final verse. Simply right click on the two pages below and save to your computer for printing. If you use this I would love hear about it or maybe even hear a recording of it. That would make my day.

If you don't already have this app/book but would like to know more about it then click this link or use the links above to the various stores for screenshots and a video.

I hope you enjoy this and Happy Halloween!!!

The Creatures of Harmony Valley: Halloween Ball- Page 1

The Creatures of Harmony Valley: Halloween Ball- Page 2