The Creatures of Harmony Valley: Halloween Ball

The Creatures of Harmony Valley: Halloween Ball

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It’s that time of year and the Creatures of Harmony Valley, being very musical, have decided to have a Halloween Ball. Not only are they getting dressed in fancy dress for the ball but they’re singing while they do it. And you can sing along too.

This interactive book based on ‘The Creatures of Harmony Valley and the Musical Alphabet’ is an exciting and new chapter to this series of books and apps.

Dress the characters by matching and dragging the costumes parts onto the character and when they are dressed they will let you know with their animations and funny sounds.

Each page contains a verse to the song and the lyrics are highlighted as Betty the Beautiful Butter Bee sings the verse for that page. Dress all the creatures and you can bring them to the ball where they will all dance to music.

Not only that, you can download the score for this book here on this website. Parents and teachers can freely download the score to play with their children and students.

Click here to download the score.

I’m getting dressed up this year for Halloween. Make sure the Creatures do too.

Happy Halloween, Lewis Smith.



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