Little Red Riding-Hood Read Aloud

Little Red Riding-Hood available on the iBookstore

The Little Red Riding-Hood Read Aloud book is almost available ‘Preview and Pre-order now or wait until ’15th November’   It’s getting near that time. On Saturday 15th November the read aloud book I have mentioned before on this site, is finally available. But if you live in New Zealand or Australia then you can probably preorder right […]

How to make read aloud books and save weeks of work

Little red Riding-Hood read Aloud Cover

If you're pulling your hair out trying to make a read aloud book, or have never made one before, then read this. You'll thank me for it. Recently I released Grimm Tales - Little Red Riding-Hood - Sing Along and Colouring, it's a fun app with lots of songs, activities and colouring pages. It's based […]

Little Red Riding-Hood Gets Another Reinvention

Grimm Tales - Little Red Riding-HoodGrimm Tales – Little Red Riding-Hood due for release on the iTunes AppStore Fri 8th August 2014 Meditation Man Apps have released another in their series of Sing Along and Colouring books. With word games for kids pre and post reading age this book can be shaped to suit any young child and reshaped to […]

Children’s Party or Classroom Music Game

Children's Party Game

The Halloween Ball App is out and you would think I could relax after that but you would be wrong. I must have been very wicked in a past life because it just doesn’t stop. You’re probably wondering what I am whinging about and here it is. I got stuck into a new app immediately. […]

Music and the young mind

Music and the young mind

Music and the young mind’s need for it is like the body and modern medication. Humans survived for millennia without modern medication but would you ignore it’s advantages? Now, I’m not saying that our children can’t grow to be effective and even brilliant without music. That would be ridiculous. We all know of those people […]

How to illustrate one of the interactive book creatures.


Getting the free software I’m really keen on helping my readers and users get the most out of the books I am creating. The aim of this tutorial is to give parents and teachers their own ability to enhance the learning platform that I try to create in my books. This tutorial uses free software […]

Black Friday Deals

Available on the AppStore

This Friday 29th November brings Black Friday deals Black Friday is coming and there are deals to be had on iTunes and Amazon App Stores and not forgetting the iBookstore. Keep an eye on the following links on Friday and see just what you can get. Will it be free? Will it have 50% off? […]