Fractal drawing app

This is a small preview of the book that is currently in development. The book (for now) will be called ‘Sapientia – An A – Z of Knowledge’.

It’s an encyclopaedic book about everything that is wonderful about our universe, biology, technology and cultures.

I’m approaching this book with a very definite philosophy. It’s a philosophy that has made me smile since I was a child and it’s very simple.

Life is beautiful. And understanding what makes this universe, our bodies, our planet and our cultures makes it all the more beautiful. This is something I want to share with children. Did I say children? Anyone. I’ve been playing with this app for a week now it’s so much fun.

This is going to be a book that families can enjoy and parents will sneak away to read and play with (it is interactive after all). I know I would.

The app below is almost identical to the page in the book. It’s important to note, however, that it will change it’s appearance depending on the browser you are using. Use Safari or Chrome to get something closer to the books appearance. Also, in the book the user will not be able to save the image. You can only do that here.

I hope you enjoy this app. I have dozens of fractals clogging up my computer from this app. Feel free to share the images created. They are programmatically created and I hold no copyright on mathematics.

This page will show you random fractals based on the Julia set when you tap ‘Draw’. You can set the level of detail by using the detail slider to the left but please be warned that a higher detail will take longer to process. Start with the lowest detail and work your way up. It’s worth trying out the highest detail level but remember to be patient.

Tap the ‘Redraw’ button as often as you like. There are lots and lots of fractals to find. The more detail and more patience you have, the more beautiful the fractals will be.

Canvas here


Warning: More detail takes longer to draw

Your fractal will appear below. Just right click and save to your computer. You have a choice of a png with transparency or a jpeg with a black background. Your saved image will be much larger and will not contain the apps background. Your card will appear here. You can right click it and save it. The actual size will be much bigger.Your card will appear here. You can right click it and save it. The actual size will be much bigger.