Free Web Apps

These pages are a supplement to the books available for sale. I suppose you could call it a big fat thank you for supporting the development of these books.

I’ll also create some apps featuring books that aren’t available yet. These will give you a sneak preview into a tiny amount of the content and the effort made to develop the new books.

And they are yours, to use here on the site, any time you like. Check out the free web apps available below.

My Little Red Soundboard

My Little Red Soundboard
This is a fun app for parents and children to share. Unlike, the annoying soundboards with preset character sounds that one can find on the internet and on app stores, this soundboard is created by the user.

It’s based on the conversation between the wolf and Little Red Riding-Hood. Using your browser, iOS device or even Android device you can record your voice and your child’s voice then make the voice higher or lower, or even add an echo effect. Then, just by tapping the play buttons, you can have fun conversations and rewrite the story the way you and your child wants it.

And yes…. rude sounds sound funnier in a higher pitched voice. If my son were not a grown man now, I think he and I would have spent our entire time doing just that. Boys will be boys. We might still.

You can also post your altered voice to Facebook if you choose.

This app works best on Chrome, iOS safari and Firefox. Internet Explorer does not support the technology used in this app at this time but when it eventually catches up the app will automatically support it. Until then I suggest Chrome as the best browser for the newer technologies.

Creature Holidays Christmas Cards

Creature Holidays Christmas Cards

You can now make your own Creature Holidays Christmas cards. You can use any of the characters from this festive app to your card and even use your own images to create unique elves. Like all the web apps featured on this page this is completely free. Just click here to start making your own Creature Christmas cards.

Happy Birthday Web App

Use this app to see any of the ‘Creatures of Harmony Valley’ animate and sing with a special message added from your chosen creature to your child. It was my birthday this month, so I treated myself as you can see below.

I never want to grow up.


Make your own ‘Creatures of Harmony Valley’ card

Yes, I have added some merchandise, such as a birthday card from Betty the beautiful butter bee, to but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own card.

This app allows you to design a card with some of the creatures, add your own personal message and then save it your computer to print out later. I’ll add more creatures and features (woah, I’m a poet and I didn’t know it), as time permits so you might want to bookmark this page or join the mailing list to find out what’s happening.

It doesn’t have to be a card. You could actually create your own little book for your child using this. If you have some great ways of using this then I would love to hear about them.

Fractal Drawing App

This app is taken from the book that is in development right now. It’s called ‘Sapientia – An A to Z of Knowledge’ and it will probably take a few months to complete. If you want to know when it is on sale then please enter your email address in the form at the bottom of this page and subscribe to the newsletter.

Unfortunately some browsers will not render this app as well as I would like so I suggest you use something closer to iBooks, i.e. Safari or Chrome. The app will generate random fractals on every tap of the draw button and render them in two images below the app where you can right click and save them.



You can sign up for the newsletter here by simply entering your email address. The newsletter is only likely to be sent out when I have added new apps and have created new books. So…. if you want to know about new releases then this is a good way to do it.