Creature Holidays – Christmas Cards

Your Free Web App for making Christmas Cards

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Below you will find the ‘Creature Holidays’ Christmas Card App, using scenes and characters from the app ‘Creature Holidays’ which is on sale in the iTunes appstore and all good Android stores.

So far this app works perfectly well in Safari, Firefox and Chrome. There seems to be some issue of images taken on an iPad or iPhone, where the images are rotated. This is to do with how these devices store image information. A fix taking this into account could seriously effect the performance of the app so I have added rotation controls, allowing you to rotate your uploaded images for elves. There’s even a quick 90 degree control for the iPad quirk.

Creature Holidays Christmas Cards

To use this web app, choose your background, add creatures and add your text. The text will appear at the top of the image and it is probably best to add this first so you know how your images sit with it or you can simply leave the text blank.

Click and drag to reposition and reorder the Creatures in the canvas. Double click to remove a Creature. Clicking once will bring the Creature to the front of the scene.

Your finished images appear at the bottom of this page. The double length one is for printing and folding. Right click and save one or both to your computer for printing or emailing. The images saved to your computer are much larger than the images you see on this screen.

If you notice any bugs or have any issues with your browser, please let me know and I will try to fix them.

You can edit and change your card as much as you like and make as many as you like. Just keep saving them to your computer when you are happy with your design. And please share this app with all your friends.

***UPDATE: You can now use your own images to create elves. Just follow the instructions below. I’ve had so much fun with this it was hard to get any work done. Be warned.***

The ‘Creature Holidays’ Christmas Card app will load shortly. If it fails to load then please refresh your browser. Have a brilliant Christmas!!

This is your canvas. Add stuff here and move it around.

You must upgrade your browser or use Safrai/Chrome to view this
Click to choose a background
Add your message here (click outside the box to add it to the canvas) ^ back to top
Click to add a Christmas Creature ^ back to top
Use your own images to create Elves. ^ back to top
  • Choose an image from your computer
  • Use the + and – buttons to resize your image
  • Drag your image to reposition it
  • Choose one of the elf styles (red background indicates the current selection)
  • Click ‘Submit’ to create your elf and add it to the canvas
  • A red bordered thumbnail of your elf will appear beside the elf choices. You can right click this to save a full sized version of your elf only.
  • Make as many as you like and add them to the canvas or save them as they are to your computer
^ back to top
Choose frosty foreground or no foreground ^ back to top

Right click and save either or both of the images below. The larger of the two is for printing and folding. Your saved image will be much larger.