Interactive books

We are delighted to announce that we are branching into the interactive books market.

We have launched our new book.

“The Creatures of Harmony Valley and the Musical Alphabet”. 
Available on the iBookstoreAvailable on Google PlayAvailable on Amazon Appstore
Opera Mobile Store

The interactive book has been released in Apple’s iBookstore and hopefully as more devices are able to use the epub 3 standard we will release it for them too. The reason we have chosen the iBookstore is very simple. The new book is completely interactive and the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch are the best at doing this.

You’ll see exactly how interactive the book is in the samples here on this site.

So what’s it all about?

The Creatures of Harmony Valley and the Musical Alphabet is an interactive book that aims to educate and excite young children in reading, writing and numeracy through music and interactive play.

For many years scientists and educators have explored the effects and benefits of a musical education on our young children. There have been many conclusions on the effect of music on our cognitive abilities, including the famous ‘Mozart Effect‘. But I believe it is safe to say that there are definitely benefits, whether it is helping a child to excel or in the support of children with learning difficulties.
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This book is to help young children learn basic skills and gain the advantages of music when it comes to literacy and numeracy. And of course, music is lots of fun.