Little Red Riding-Hood Read Aloud

The Little Red Riding-Hood Read Aloud book is almost available

‘Preview and Pre-order now or wait until ’15th November’


Little Red Riding-Hood available on the iBookstore

It’s getting near that time. On Saturday 15th November the read aloud book I have mentioned before on this site, is finally available.

But if you live in New Zealand or Australia then you can probably preorder right now or preview a sample. The rest of us on the more western half of the earth will have to wait until tomorrow, 9th November 2014.

And to celebrate the launch of the book I’ve made a free web app for parents and kids to play with.

‘My Little Red Soundboard’

It’s like those soundboards we all despise but must admit we’ve had a giggle at, but with a major difference.

You make it.

Play with the web app now on this site or on Facebook

Back to the book

‘Preview and Pre-order now or buy when available’

Along with the read aloud capability there are also animations and interactivity

We all know the story of Little Red Riding-Hood but what makes this book different? You may have noticed a hyphen in this one. I’ll let you read the book to find out why that’s the case. But there’s more than the hyphen that makes this read aloud book different. Along with the read aloud capability there are also animations and interactivity.

Our Characters


Grimm is our narrator. He’s tells us this slightly different version of Little Red Riding-Hood. Maybe even why her name is hyphenated. You find him in a speech bubble on every page and touching the bubble starts the read aloud function (and speech animation). *Hint* Hover your pointer over the speech bubbles on this page to see the animations (try touching them if you are on an iOS device)

Little Red Riding-Hood

as Grimm narrates he is replaced by each character if they have speech

I don’t think I need to tell you too much about this character. We’ve all grown up knowing ‘Little Red’ but what you might notice here, is that she can appear in the speech bubble too. That’s because as Grimm narrates he is replaced by each character if they have speech in the story and each character has their own unique voice.

Grandma Riding

A scooter driving granny

Grandma is my favourite character in this story. A scooter driving granny and as you can tell from her name a possible reason for the hyphen. And there’s another thing that happens with her (and other characters) in the book. Devices with a gyroscope can tilt the device to make her animate across the screen on her scooter.

Patrick the Policeman

I’ve tried to make this version a little more modern. We don’t have a woodsman inflicting horrendous injuries to any animals in this story. Being a pacifist I couldn’t bring myself to do that. So, out goes the vigilante and in comes the helpful policeman.

Maud Riding

Are you starting to see why there’s a hyphen? Maud only appears in the book a few times. She is Little Red’s mother but you can probably tell that I grew up watching ‘Tom and Jerry’. Yep, Tom’s owner had a bit of an influence. I loved that pointing hand and (I can only guess from a cartoon) polyester dress. The slippers didn’t make it in. I think I regret that.

Wilfred Wolf

I’m going to give Wilfred the respect he deserves and not call him ‘The Big Bad Wolf’. Yes he is our protagonist throughout the story but you might find a new thing, or two, out about him. You’ll have to read the book to find out.

‘Preview and Pre-order now or buy when available’