Little Red Riding-Hood - Read Aloud

Music, Read Aloud, Animations and scooter riding Grandma's Available on the iBookstore, 15th November 2014

Available for preview, 8th November 2014

How long until it's available?

Little Red Riding-Hood Read Aloud Book Cover Image

Also available on the App Store

Little Red Riding-Hood Sing Along and Colouring App

Little Red Riding-Hood Sing Along and Colouring

My Little Red Soundboard

The Little Red Soundboard has been created to celebrate the release of 'Little Red Riding-Hood' read aloud book on the iBookstore

Everyone remembers the conversation between the Wolf and Little Red Riding-Hood and it's the perfect 'statement/response' lesson. I've always thought that that lesson would be much more fun and effective if parents and children could create their own and I'm sure many do.

The sounboard is not the typical cartoon character soundboard but uses the new technologies available in internet browsers to record and manipulate sound so it's your Little Red Soundboard

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On Internet Explorer

***Important*** In the interest of child safety it must be made clear that your video is used to extract the audio on iOS devices. It is briefly sent to the servers where it is processed to extract the sound and the video is deleted during this process. If in doubt simply cover your lens or point it towards the floor. Hopefully, Apple™ will expose the controls to the microphone in later releases so that this isn't necessary in the future. We do not keep any of your information. However, your audio may be stored for a period if you share it on Facebook. Sharing is not possible otherwise. Please do not share if you are concerned about this.