Little Red Riding-Hood – Sing Along and Colouring App for Kids

Grimm Tales - Little Red Riding-HoodAvailable on the AppStoreAvailable for Download from Friday 8th August 2014!!!!

The Brothers Grimm/Charles Perrault classic folk tale gets a modern twist in this sing along book. Narrated by Grimm, the book tells the story of Little Red Riding-Hood, her Scooter riding Grandma and the big bad wolf Wilfred, who might not be so bad after all.

This app aims to encourage reading or even just an interaction with words with the inclusion of a word game. Suitable for beginner readers or even non-reading children, the lyrics have missing words and the user must drag the correct words onto the screen. The words by default are colour coded to make this an easy and fun experience for any stage reader.

With this the characters and other creatures and objects are dragged into the scene creating the context for the sing-along lyrics. When all this is done the scene animates as a reward.

The book is customisable through simple controls. A personalised reading program can be created by control over the missing lyrics (the word game can even be turned off). The lets the parent or teacher tailor the book to suit their child’s strengths.

And not forgetting the colouring pages that accompany every scene to help enhance the child’s understanding of the context within the story. The colouring system is extremely simple to use. Pick a brush shape, pick a colour, make it bigger or smaller, make it darker or brighter and start painting. That’s it.

With music, colouring, word games and animations this book is not only fun but surreptitiously educational. The aim is to enhance the young readers understanding of language through play and by emphasising context. Even the youngest non-readers can learn and play with this book.



*Spellings suitable for all English speaking nations

*Colour enhanced word game for any stage reader

*Personalise a reading program with simple control over the word game

*A book that can be changed and adapted as your child improves

*Fun characters and animations…. Grandma rides a scooter?

*Colouring pages for every scene

*Original music and songs throughout

*Leitmotifs used in music to enhance the contextual understanding of the story…. each character has their own musical theme and this becomes evident in the songs with conversations. An old but powerful classical music technique. Think Peter and the Wolf.

*Simply a fun app for kids.